Englische Schauwellensittiche - Daniel Lütolf

Daniel Lütolf
Zelglistrasse 7
CH-5436 Würenlos
+41(0)56 424 24 27
+41(0)79 705 49 08

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I started breeding Budgerigars when I was twelve years old. At that time, I got a pair of cage birds from relatives. From this birds I soon got youngsters and I also bought some more birds mainly in nice colours like violett, lutino e.g.

When I was 17years old, I met Heinrich Ott the first time. I got my first real show-budgerigars from him. After some years we became real good friends. Birds from the studs of Emil Schweizer and Janos Pece followed. Janos won the Price for the best bird of Swizerland twice times. I had the lucky chance to get two brothers of this bird. Janos Pece himself, had his birds from Hans Ruosch . Hans Ruosch bought his birds at a breeder called Josef Speck , very well known in those times. The birds of Josef Speck based on the famous old studs of Sadler, Ormerod, Finney and Moffat . The combination of Ott birds, which had ery large feathers with the very fine and elegant Pece Birds took me a big step forward. Until 1996 I only had birds from Switzerland. After 1996, I got Birds from Ralph Jenne, Richard Kuhr, Josef Mannes and Bernd Stegemann and from Reinhard Molkentin. Today I breed with 50 cages.

v For these cages I'm keeping 70 cocks and about 90-100 hens. I ring about 300 birds a year. I like breeding with older birds, at the age of 3-4 or even 5 years. I prefer to pair an old partner to a young one. I start breeding at the end of october and with the big part of my birds I breed until june or july. I take part at the 3 biggest shows in Switzerland and at the European Championship in Karlsruhe.

I have birds for sale the whole year through and if it is necessary I can also give advice in all questions of pairing the birds or breeding budgerigars in general. Visitors are always welcome by arrangement.


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